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 The 200 Club 


The Club continues to thrive and this past season we fielded five Saturday sides, which was a first and something of which we should be proud as very few clubs at our level are able to do this. The advantage of five sides is that it gives so many of our talented Colts a taste of adult cricket which they seem to enjoy. We also have two Sunday sides, an Indoor Winter Cricket League team, Cricket Week and Tour and a successful thriving Colts Section. All of which need first class facilities on which to play. It would be fair to say our facilities match up with most Premier League Clubs which is quite an achievement from our humble beginnings. Our Chairman, Andy Rouse, is pushing the Club forward and of course by doing this new equipment and improvement of our playing surface is required.

The draw is quarterly. The 200 Club is open to all Players, Colts parents, old and new friends and anyone who wishes to support a cause which enables young men to enjoy a wonderful game and the camaraderie that follows. 

Pay via Direct Debit through the following 200 Club Set up Direct Debit.

Please note that if you already pay your subscription via DD, our Treasurer already has your bank details so you can pay for the 200 club by dropping an email to petermwhite(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Membership of the 200 club is limited to two hundred entries (you may enter as many times as you wish, £20 per entry) and we continue to guarantee that at least 50% of all contributions will go into the prize fund.

So please could you download and complete the entry form below in time for the next 200 Club draw and for those that wish to there is the option of entering future draws automatically by completing the attached standing order form.

Thank you for participating and we look forward to receiving your entries.  Thanks to those of you who already pay by Standing Order.  If you are paying by direct debit please email Andy Rouse so that he can include you in the draw.  

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