Monthly Direct Debit Links

Annual Membership Rates for 2022 are as follows:

Senior Membership                                     -        £13

Senior Membership (Concessions)        -        £6.50

Colts Membership                                        -        £6.50  

Annual Direct Debit Links

Senior Membership                                     -        £156

Senior Membership (Concessions)         -        £78

Colts Membership                                        -        £78

Colts Membership (Siblings)                    -         £66

If there are siblings who are all junior members, the second and subsequent sibling pays a smaller amount for subscription. For these situations, please set up the direct debit for the first child and contact Peter White* so that he can amend the amount to include the others in the one payment.

Direct debit (DD) will be updated by Peter White with members not needing to do anything themselves to update it.  Please note that this is designed to make it easier for players and the club to deal with subscriptions. We rely on timely receipt of the correct payments as we need to budget throughout the year.

​Anyone who cancels their DD in the close season will have to pay all missing DDs if they want to rejoin in the following summer. The system only works if you pay each month.

You are also able to pay your subscriptions annually. £156 for Senior, £78 to Concessions and Colts. We will accept cheques payable to 'OD Cuaco Cricket Club' or bank transfers (please contact Peter White* for account details).

*If you have any questions contact petermwhite at hotmail dot com for details.




We have now set up online payments for subscriptions to simplify their administration and to help members spread their membership costs over the whole year. 

Monthly Subscription Rates for 2022 are as follows: