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Newsletter #6

Congratulations to Will East on hitting his first ever 100 this week. "Weast" played a great knock against the Covenant CC and it was great to see him finally crack a smile afterwards.

Elsewhere in the club, the 1st XI had a great win against the previously unbeaten Folkestone, and our 3rd XI comfortably chased down their target versus London Knights to secure their victory. Sadly the 2nd XI and 4th XI fell short in their games.

The colts had a mixed bag of results, but the highlight was a great U17 win last Friday against Bexley.

We hope the weather steers clear this weekend, with three teams vying for victory on Saturday and our T20 side taking on Bickley Park and Lordswood on Sunday in the Kent T20 competition. Come along and support the chaps at 10am and 1pm at Bickley Park's ground.

Also, the bar will be open for England's Euro matches, so come on down and support the team!

All the best to those playing this weekend!

Chris Webster

Club Captain


ODs TOUR to Norwich 2024

Tour this year will be held from 28th-31st July in Norwich with some great fixtures and entertainment promised for all!

In total, current estimates are:

£200 for a full tour

£150 for 2 nights

£80 for one night (Tour stash included)

If interested, please contact Chris Webster


Match Reports:

1st XI v Folkestone

The team returned to the home of cricket, after a disappointing performance against Bexley last week, against the unbeaten Folkestone. And what a start ODs had. Possibly the greatest warm up performance of all time with the stumpy stump stump getting obliterated and Wandy winning his 4th toss in a row electing to bat first.

Koot and OJ senior get the team off to a good start going putting on 54 together and successfully removing the lacquer. Couple of quick wickets followed as Koot (31) chased a wide one and D Webs (1) decided he didn’t fancy batting and left a straight one. It was an honorary pond candidate as his 1 smashed his pad. C Webs joined Ollie at 59-2 with a rebuild required. With some mahoosive 6s from Chris (53) helping him pass 50 and the occasional run from OJ (34) the pair got the score past 100 with little damage. Well except to Ollie’s bat which he decided he didn’t wanna run with and just threw away. All was smooth sailing for the boys but in typical OD’s fashion we decided to have a collapse. OJ senior, Chris, Wandy (claimed he hit it), OJ junior and Simsy falling quickly, to some questionable shots, leaving the score 150-7. Can the tail wag? Sam (17) and Will (13) managed to hit a few boundaries before falling before the secret weapon could come in. Baylis (19)embraced his inner Nigel and dispatched the Folkstone bowlers putting on 26 for the 10th wicket with Eash (5*) taking the score to 204. A very defendable total.


Chris (6-1-37-1) and Baylis opened the bowling in our defence of 204 with success early on as Chris trapped the opening bat in front. Baylis looked to have trapped another one in front but the umpire obviously didn’t like Dan, not blaming him really, and did not raise the finger. Success shortly followed as confusion between the batsmen led to the Dans combining for a run out. Folkestone looked to rebuild and edged their way past 50. Waggon wheel firmly through the slips. Wandy (9.1-3-17-3), OJ Senior (10-2-23-2) and Will (10-0-37-1) dried up any chance for runs to flow with OJ capitalising on the pressure built claiming the wicket of the “best batter in Kent”. Folkestone slowly rebuilt before there number 8 decided that running was overrated allowing Wandy to roll the ball in to get the easiest run out of his career. Baylis destroyed any last hope for Folkestone with a bullet throw running out their last batsman before Andy cleaned up the last 2. ODs win by 39 runs ending Folkestone’s unbeaten start. Roll on Sidyuck next week.

MOM: Dan Baylis (19 runs, 0 wickets, 1 run out)

DOD: Ollie Jasper (1 lost shoe, 1 thrown bat, 2 bicycle crashes)

VPCOM: Sam Parke (1 gun bat dismissed)

Match report by Will East


2nd XI v Blackheath

ODs arrived at the Artillery Ground aiming for a repeat of last year’s comfortable victory. Restored in his belief of runs on the board, the skipper elected to bat under overcast skies and on a pitch which looked as though it would offer something to the bowlers.

2s bat

The ball did indeed swing, zip around and carry through with good pace, but despite lots of huff and puff, Blackheath were firmly resisted by Sanders and Loader. A couple of extremely enthusiastic appeals were turned down by the resolute Parkerman who patiently explained the lbw law. With the score on 35-0, Richard and Pete fell in quick succession, but Isaac picked up where he’d left off from last week and started to build momentum, putting away anything loose. Blackheath realised Sanders only had one shot, but luckily for ODs, decided to bowl at leg stump, and soon the score was past 100-2, with 15 overs to go.

Alas, the kamikaze running strategy eventually took its toll and Isaac was barbequed for the second successive week for 41 (now seeking refuge in the 1s this Saturday). Craig played a couple of pleasing strokes and Hugo Jones looked impressive on debut, but the key remaining contribution came from Ash Arora (18*) who batted well with Billy Rouse to close out the innings and get ODs to 197-8, which was a very satisfactory score.

Davo and Hally opened up, and although an initial breakthrough proved elusive, Blackheath’s chatty square leg exposed himself as ‘all fart, no poo’ and was repeatedly beaten. Davison dismissed the dangerman for 20, Hally took 2 well deserved wickets and Billy removed their Aussie (complete with mullet, naturally), to leave Blackheath 68-4 after 24 overs and with ODs seemingly in control.

Alas, with 6 an over required from the final 20, numbers 5 and 6 moved through the gears, running well and taking on the straight boundaries and keeping up with the rate. The pitch had started to flatten out and the outfield was fairly quick, so despite Ash providing a breakthrough, ODs were unable to stem the flow of singles or occasional boundary. Andy Hall provided a glimmer of hope with a 60 yard direct hit from deep cover, but the number 7 took Blackheath home with 51* and 2 overs to spare, with a very impressive, calm performance. ODs had tried valiantly with the ball and in the field, but ultimately, 8 dropped chances had left them with too much of a mountain to climb.

Simba at home will no doubt provide plenty of catching practice this Saturday, providing a chance to make amends and begin the climb away from the relegation zone.

Match report by Laurence Sanders


3rd XI v London Knights

This week the 3’s played host to the London knights at our adopted home ground at the Jubilee Ground and as always were greeted  by the regular sound track of the Catford   Philharmonic Siren Orchestra.

Nice fit Ump!

On arriving we were a man down but that wasn’t a problem and we had the man the legend the myth Ian (Mr Red Ink ) Walker to make us a mighty 11 again along with a third Colby in the Ranks, thanks to the skippers bother stepping in and stepping up to keep for us . ( little did he know the nature of the pitch and that he would be wearing a few).

Now this was and eagerly awaited contest especially for the skipper as there was a bad taste left in his mouth for the reverse fixture from last year in fact 2 of the 3 Colbys were well up for this fight. The skipper gave a passionate speech making it clear this is the one he really wanted to win and we were all up for the fight.

The toss was won by the knights and they elected to bad but before so they embarked on a warm up that would put the England team to shame, this was looking ominous. And so it turned out to be as they stared the game like it was a match in the 100. One of their opener was swinging at everything like a kid trying to hit a piñata. And there were off to a flyer the ball was flying all over the shop. His wasn’t looking good after the first couple over. But then the breakthrough with Howard getting the other opener out plumb LBW swiftly followed up by Billy bowling the rusty gate opener with a peach. Panic over . Soon they were  3 down with Howard picking up another .

Now it was time to put the squeeze on with the skipper making bowling changes to bring on Rakesh and big Alex Walker. Rakesh had them in a spin and it wasn’t long before he was in the wickets. At one point he had 2 wickets for 3 runs off 5 over. And at the other end big Al’s first ball was a thing of dreams. The pitch and movement clean bowled a thing of beauty the delight on mum and dad’s face was clear for all to see. Pressure was ramping up and we had our tails up looking like they were gonna be all out for under a 100. Until some late order hitting from a Azam Kham lookalike (Pakistan Wicket Keeper ) took the score up but no fear big Al was back on to finish them of all out for 128. Some great bowling performances considering the start. With wickets for all the bowlers except the skipper but he will have his moment later. Wickets Rakesh 3 Alex 3 Howard 2 Simon 1 and  Billy 1.

Now again in the interval another international standard warm up to be fair was a little bit intimidating but we were feeling confident that we were gonna get the runs needed. The skipper mixed up things a bit and went in to open with Bob Bridges and we got off to a flying start as well with Bob cracking two lovely boundaries before he was undone by a daisy cutter that was in danger of taking out his ankles. But that only brought the Colbys together with the bit between their teeth and ready to settle a score the father and son duo went to work on getting the runs needed for victory and the noisy slowly became less and less as the total kept coming down and the Colbys traded cover drives and some masterfully running between the wicket. They put on a wonderful 100 run partnership with the skipper getting to his 50 with the young Colby hot on his heels, with only a few runs to get and Olly in the 40’s and the lore of 50 and fantasy points on offer he hauled out trying to go for a big one to loose his wicket but the game was almost over and that brought an end to a wonderful partnership, another Colby to the crease and after a lofted drive Mike got caught going for the winning runs , shame would have been fitting as the stepped up.

Revenge redemption whatever you wanna call it a job well done and victory was gotten  with loads of overs left and for only 3 wickets down. Great team performance all around.

Match report by Howard Thomas


4th XI v Chislehurst & West Kent

The 4s turned up to play Chislehurst with a slightly underwhelming lineup, but full of enthusiasm and boosted by the late addition of youth in the shape of the Scrivener twins.

We won the toss for the fifth game on the trot and the skipper threw caution to the wind and asked to bat.

54 for Mark Coles

A skippers innings was needed and this is what we got (Coles 54) nicely supported by Rouse and Fox, and a wonderful cameo from Frankie Scrivener(16) (clearly the better twin J)

A total of 140 wasn’t terrifying, but a pretty good effort and a score that has been winning a lot of matches in this league this year.

Sadly, the first part of Chislehurst’s innings didn’t get off to how we wanted… ball after ball being skied or top edged into spaces and vacant areas.

Sawko and Coles eventually made the breakthroughs and we were back in the game ..the run rate was under control , but we needed wickets to win the game. Unfortunately when the mishit shots did land near fielders we didn’t take all our chances, although Charlie Scrivener caught two fine ones…. Chislehurst winning the game with 5 overs to spare.

So during the match we also experienced BOWLEDGATE , when OD CUACO felt it was necessary for all of us to leave the field briefly.

The opening batsman had been bowled by a corker from Colsey, turning one just enough down the slope(as the batsman played inside, and basically left it) clipping an inch from the top of off stump. A beautiful noise of leather on stump.. the stump was leaning back, the bail 3 foot behind keeper Rouse , who the batsman then accused of breaking the bails with his gloves. The 2 umpires(who I believe were getting a lift home from the batsman) then starting to agree that it wasn’t out ….. etc etc … we decided to leave the field ……The oppo captain eventually deciding that he was out, and we could continue.(well done)

As the person closest to the action, and the one falsely accused … I can assure all readers and the opposition that it was clean bowled. Talking to the opposition at the end of the game and attempting to draw a line under it … it appears that the big issue was actually that the batsmen couldn’t believe he was bowled by the big bloke, who was huffy and puffing( as he could hardly walk after his 50) , and therefore there must have been some skullduggery, and he couldn’t possibly have been bowled with a peach moving down the slope. .. the author also feels that this is a totally understandable reaction !!!

Match report by Andy Rouse


Sunday Friendly v The Covenant CC

Two Hats (don't say that quickly)

Hello. My name is Rahul. This is my first match report.

I had never met Chris Webster before. I heard good things about him, but I thought he was a bad bloke the minute he put the batting line up on the group and had me down at 10. I suggested we do the batting line up on number of wickets taken, so I assume I'd be opening and batting 2nd (maybe 3rd too).

Chris redeemed himself by winning the toss and batting first. That was the last thing he did that day, so I'm not sure if he is a good bloke or not still.

Given I was batting at 10, I was already disorientated, but was looking forward to the prospect of watching 1st XI player Will East, and the CHAIRMAN Andy Rouse bat against the new ball.

Will hit some good shots. Andy was horrible to watch. He even fell over. As soon as I had the chance, I decided I would send him on his way.

Lo and behold, the perfect ball! A waist high full toss, swinging down the legside. Hit the chairman square on the hip, bang in front of nothing. A booming appeal from the enthusiastic bowler begun to echo around the ground, but by the time the noise had passed his tonsils, my finger was already high in the air. For some reason Andy wasn't very happy and took a while to walk off. I can only assume his cat was ill or something.

Will then batted really well and got a hundred, and Baylis got a 69. People laughed but I don't know why, but I laughed, probably because I remembered giving Andy out earlier that day. I was then promoted up the order and hit a great 4 then for some reason was given out LBW.

We set 257, which captain Chris said to the opposition was only just above par.

We went out to bowl, and I took the new ball. I took some wickets too. I did wonder why one of my slip fielders had his hands in his pockets for most of my spell, as I often shnick off the top order (look at my Play Cricket stats). Somehow, he took a great catch. The spinners then came on and bamboozled the oppo and we bowled them out for 68. We won by 189 runs.

Match Report by Rahul Mehan's ghost writer


U17 v Bexley

Another good win for the U17’s on another chilly Friday evening.

We were away at Loring Hall, facing Bexley B. Alex won the toss and chose to bat.

Rohan and Rahul opened again. Rohan started well with a 6 off the 3rd ball before getting caught behind for 10. Hugo joined Rahul and started very positively. Rahul somehow had very little of the strike and was caught out for 6 off 7 balls in the 7th over with the score on 50. In came Tom Lake and was on 25 after hitting a six, then got bowled next ball, leaving us 100-3 off 15. Poor Max was out for a duck before Alex managed to get Hugo run out for 57 by going for a suicide run! Hugo said to Alex something like thanks very much captain! He had given a couple of chances but batted very well with 5 4’s and lots of good running. Alex was then joined by Zac Arratoon, Ollie’s younger brother, who got a big cheer for each of his 5 singles and we ended on 126-5.

Bexley started positively, with their number 1 bat hitting a couple of 6’s in the first 3 overs and they were 23-0 off 3 overs of spin from Alex and Hugo. Ed Hornby slowed the run rate with more spin, finishing 1-14 off 4 overs. Ollie Arratoon, Ben Pounder and Max Morgan were the other bowlers. Ollie got 1-20, Alex 2-22 and Hugo, not content with getting a 50, took 3-14, including a great bit of bowling to bowl wide to the advancing batter 1, with Tom doing great work to have him stumped. There were a few chances put down but some great attempted catches, notably from Joe Turner, Ben, Rohan and that man Hugo. There were 4 bowled, and 1 LBW (refreshingly, the batter agreed he was 100% out) and one caught out - a sharp running catch at deep mid-wicket by Rohan, who also got a run-out.

A third victory on the trot, including 5 points for batting and 4 for bowling – onwards and upwards! Big thanks to Howard for umpiring and Rebecca for bringing doughnuts.


Colts Results


Picture of the Week


Fantasy Cricket

Welcome to the 2024 edition of OD CUACO CC Fantasy Cricket! 

Here you are able to make the decisions and choices that you want to make. Who are your big hitters going to be? Who are you going to trust to be your team's captain? Will you make the correct choice when selecting your all important all rounder? The answers will soon be clear in the coming weeks.

Every single adult match played on a Saturday will count towards the points tally so use your talent spotting to select their best possible 11 from a budget of £55 million.

Cost of entry per team is just £6, payment must be made via this website when you set your team up. You can enter as many sides as you like. There will be prize money available (details TBC). 

Good luck and thanks for playing!


Communications - OD CUACO WhatsApp Announcements Group

Join our ODs WhatsApp Announcements group! By scanning the below from a mobile phone / tablet etc. you will be asking to join our newly formed members information group. The administrators of the group will provide amongst club updates, news of social/ cricket events, and any quick one line information bulletins considered useful to members. This will be an information only group and will not be a chat. Newsletters with more in-depth information will continue to be sent.


200 Club

The 200 club is a monthly raffle that occurs throughout the season giving members the opportunity to win up to £200. Entry is just £20 per ticket for the year.

Its not long until the first draw for the season, so if you would like to join, details can be found here along with the payment link.


Ball and Match Sponsorship

We are still looking for ball and match sponsorships for our games this year. These come at just at £25. This is a very important way for us to raise funds for various projects at the club, not covered in our normal budget. The link for this is below.


Training times

The following times are designated for club training sessions. Nets will be available to use for club members outside of these times, and if there is no game on the main square.




Senior Nets


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Additional 1st XI nets


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Under 11 and below


10:00 am - 11:15 am

Under 12s - U13s


11:15 am - 12:30 pm


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