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Newsletter #7

Only one place to start with this Newsletter and that's the T20 side. Possibly the biggest set of results in the club's history saw our side beat not one, but two premier league clubs in the T20 group stages to progress to the county quarter finals. First up, ODs beat Bickley Park by 22 runs, before an astounding bowling and fielding display saw us defeat reigning Kent Premier League Champions Lordswood by 34 runs. At one point, Lordswood were 26-7! The side progress into the quarter finals, and are hoping for a favourable home draw. Details will be released as soon as we know!

Elsewhere, the weekend's senior results proved dangerous for the chairman's wallet, as only the 2s "winning draw" saw a lack of Chairman's jug on Saturday. The 1s and 4s had great wins in wet games, and the 2s out-pointed Simba at home. Then on Sunday, Bunner's army had a great win at home against Cudham.

A great weekend that I hope repeats itself again! All the best to those playing this weekend, and to all attending the ODs fun night on Friday 21st June!

Chris Webster

Club Captain


Match Reports:

T20 v Bickley Park

ODs lost the toss and were asked to bat in their first T20 of the round-robin phase.

After a good start form Hammond and Pienaar, ODs were going nicely at the rain interruption. Webster and Sims continued to accumulate runs on the ODs total, before small but significant lower order contributions saw ODs get up to 134-9 off their reduced 17 overs. Skipper thought this was above par.

With the ball and in the field, ODs started slowly with the Bickley openers tucking into the powerplay. Breakthroughs by Baylis and Webster got ODs moving, and from there, the rate began to rise, and wickets began to tumble. Seam was the order of the day, and ODs' quicks certainly obliged. Davison, Webster, Baylis, Hammond, and pick of the bowlers Worsley (4-20) all contributed, and restricted Bickley Park to 114 all out, with the win sealed by an icredible caught and bowled by the skipper.

A win to start the day and onto game 2 v Lordswood, in which a win would see ODs progress to the quarter final stages of the competition.

Match Report by Chris Webster


T20 v Lordswood

OD CUACO faced another Premier League giant, Lordswood CC in a ‘win and in’ scenario after comfortably beating Bickley Park by 22 runs in the earlier game.

ODs were relieved when the won the toss in game 2 and elected to bat, allowing the bowling attack to rest and recuperate. Having seen and batted on the deck the previous game, the message from Skipper Chris Webster was once again 130-140.

Koot Pienaar and Kieran Hammond gave ODs another solid platform without any early losses. Pienaar fell to the nippy Hussain caught Ntini for 18 and ODS found themselves 25-1 from 3 overs. Hammond (11) and Webster (4) fell in consecutive overs for no extra score and ODs found themselves being 35-3 after 6 overs with the bowling team with their tails up.

Middle order power hitting provided by James Sims (15) and Cameron Sanders (24) allowed Thomas Howe (32*) to nudge the ball around. Both sets of partnerships complimented one another and ODs found themselves back in contention finishing on 118. Albeit lower than they had intended, they knew with some quick wickets they stood a chance.

As the Lordswood openers approached the crease, there was a sense of excitement in the air, being 20 overs away from two of the biggest club wins in its history and qualification to the Kent T20 1/4 finals.

Dan Baylis, with a tight hamstring, which he tweaked in game one was asked by the skipper for 1 or 2 overs, as Seam seemed to be the order of service on this deck. Baylis steamed in and claimed a wicket in his first over with Palmer (2) smashing a ball directly to Sanders at deep mid off. Alex Davison also opened up and was hooping the ball all day. The young estate agent was bamboozling Thando Ntini whom had no answer for the swinging Davison. Ntini (2) found Sanders at mid off for another soft dismissal and loose shot. Baylis and Davison continued to cause havoc to the top order and both bowled out their overs, with both finishing with 3 wickets a piece. The pick of the wickets was Davisons in swinging Yorker to Max Wood, getting him out for a duck. It was if we were watching Afridi or Starc swinging it back into a right hander and smashing the stumps.

The job was far from done although ODs had Lordswood 18-6. A solid couple of knocks from the tailenders gave them hope but the catch of the day from James Sims at deep square leg off the bowling of Hammond, in effect won ODs the match. Hussain (16) was batting well and hooked a short ball to the long boundary. Sims running 20 yards to his right and slightly back took a screamer. That was the nail in the Lordswood Coffin.

ODs wrapped up a stunning victory with wickets from Webster, Worsley and two wickets from Will East mopping up the tail. Qualification was secured and the 1/4 finals await and yet another giant awaits to be woken by the little but might OD Cuaco.

Match Report by Tom Howe


1st XI v Sidcup

The 1s made the short trip to Sidyuk. Eugh. Spirits high after last week’s victory and the opportunity to grab the first away win of the season against a local rival.

As most readers are aware, Sidcup are renowned for being bad blokes. Oh how that was about to ring true….

Ainger lost the toss and ODs were asked to bat in the moist, and often gloomy overhead conditions. Sensing Mr Duckworth and his mate Lewis could bring mathematics into the result the two openers decided attack was the best way to swing those equations in their favour. Added to the fact that neither of them are particularly adept at maths. As expected the rain came but not before Koot (52) and Parr (17) amassed 41 from 5 overs (MR 43/86). After a short delay ODs first wicket fell in controversial circumstances.

Sid🤮 reduced themselves to the lowest of all creatures; an Australian. I say this with empirical evidence.

The wicket an exact replica of Bairstow’s at Lord’s and as a self respecting Member, the Sidcup locals were made well aware of the writer’s displeasure. *I’m awaiting a letter from Rouse advising the revocation of my membership. Sorry Chair. Off Parr had to walk, after some choice words.

Ainger (13) continued with attacking intent before being cleaned up. The pairing of Webster (45) and KP looked to steady the ship whilst keeping the scoreboard ticking over but alas it was one boundary attempt too far that saw Koot caught on the deep square leg boundary. Sidcup went with the slow bowling option of two left arm finger spinners, disgusting, which slowed the run rate and left ODs 111/3 at drinks.

Whilst the cretinous locals were nibbling on Koot’s chat, Webby and J East (31) kept the runs coming, Chris losing a ball in the fire station before the rain once again stopped play (MR 38/87). The umpires calling an early tea. ODs 137/3 from 26.2 and the innings reduced to 40 overs a side. Once play commenced Chris fell attempting a scoop bringing Sanders (15) to try and add some quick runs at the back end of the innings. Cameron fell to a sharp catch at mid off giving Loader (13*) and East 4 overs to add what they could to the growing total. Joe was caught behind in the following over brining W East (11*) to the crease for a bit of a swing.

ODs finished on 217 setting Sh*tcup 227 from 40 overs after DL did the calculations.

Skidcup started their reply well, hitting a number of boundaries before our African overseas Worsley made the breakthrough. Leading edge looping a simple catch to Loader. In came their number 3, the Indian Alex Carey, and KP gave him a warm welcome to the crease. So rattled was he that the second a drop of rain fell he started to walk off and the umpires crumbled.

The dressing room was then a buzz of statistics and mathematics led by our Cambridge graduate (2:2 still counts). Sadly he’s not as intelligent as Abishek (sorry Laurence) and none of us really had a clue how many we needed to restrict them to. Turns out it was 180 required from 28 overs which essentially turned the game into a T20 from the restart.

Baylis and Ainger took the ball with the latter having an immediate effect. Game on. After some “brief discussions” between Baylis and Virat Carey there was great delight when the man in question attempted a quick single only to have the stumps thrown down by Eashan. No love lost. There have been reports of a rather large send off but that cannot be confirmed.

ODs kept it tight and the run rate on the DL steadily grew. Baylis was eventually rewarded with a slower ball Yorker before W East took over. Bowling superbly with Ainger, to take the game past 20 overs which meant when the next storm arrived ODs were home and safe (MR 300/86). Even with Baylis’ last over going for 1,000,000.

Everyone reading knows what happened from there. James Blunt. Showers and many pints. God we love 18 point Saturdays.

Match report by Dan Baylis


2nd XI v Simba

No Report


4th XI v Blackheath

Saturday’s weather wasn’t looking promising for any of ODs teams as on and off rain continued, ‘luckily’ the fourth team were playing on an artificial wicket so the rain ‘wouldn’t affect play’.

We arrived to see no clubhouse and the opposition waiting under a tree, however we were determined to play, the skipper retained his 100% toss win record and elected to field. We put all our layers on and kicked off. We started with some very careful bowling from Asa (1-31) and Howard (4-30) as the astro meant we couldn’t use spikes which would be fine if it hadn’t been raining. However, we weren’t the only players who weren’t used to the deck as the opening batsmen were soon dismissed as they were fooled by the bounce.

Billy got to work taking 3 wickets for 21 runs but soon the umbrellas were up and the fourth team were back under the tree looking like grumpy campers. After the sun came out and the deck began to dry we were back on with some Sawko action (1-21), the scoreboard was so far away we had no idea what the score was but we knew we were doing well as the batsmen struggled to play off our deadly bowling attack. After a few more retreats from the rain the first innings was over with some excellent bowling from Hotpoint leaving the batsmen beaten, 120 was the score to beat.

Tea highlights included Steve’s iconic meat and tomatoes and Anmol’s pasta.

Colsey (39) and Rousey (33) opened the bat, the chairman was determined not to be given out similar to the week prior as they created a 72 run partnership which propelled us into the game. After Rousey’s dismissal followed Kev who provided another great batting performance getting 20 runs, another great batting performance included Asa who showed us his forward defences and sweeps just not on the pitch as he was batting 11.

After rain stopped the play again and another team huddle occurred we were back out again with the unfortunate dismissal of Anmol (0), luckily Dan Brown (14) closed the game with four overs spare. Even with all the rain delays we put in great team performance, excluding Tom Fox who the skip didn’t bowl and put at 8, safe to say there were some words after the game.

Match report by Ben Westmacott


Sunday Friendly v Cudham Wyse

My name is Henry. This is my first match report (I think?).

While looking at the team sheet I had no idea how to select the batting lineup (they were all useless), so I used a random name picker and hoped for the best.

After a promising start from James Willacy, he unfortunately pulled his quad, and had to leave the pitch, (wishing him a speedy recovery – and remember to warm up before bowling everyone!) While Asa was keeping it tight at the other end and deserved some wickets (only being nice to him because he sometimes brings sausage rolls), Dan Brown bowled the biggest slot ball ever bowled, and somehow the batsman skied it. As I sprinted to the ball as majestic as a manatee1, and caught it, I begged my ghost writer to put it in the match report.

I dropped a catch. An easy one. A very easy one. One of the easiest catches ever. I then complained at Louis Boyden and told him he would have dropped it too.

I obviously needed to be taught how to catch.

Luckily Louis Boyden Caught one of his own bowling (with an unnecessary dive; but at least he was getting some cardio in), and one off Rahul, Ash got a c&b and Dan Brown caught one off Chris Sharp’s bowling, soon I was sick of everyone shouting “that’s how you catch Henners!”

Ash got a fifer, Dave Vigus got a stumping, Rahul became the highest wicket taker for the club this season, but something even more important happened in that innings: I dropped a catch. An easy one. A very easy one. One of the easiest catches ever.

Then came the chase.

We were chasing a low score of 144, and we got off to a great start with Kev and Billy, what a great captain I am, I picked this great batting order myself. Kev hit 20, Billy hit 30, Louis (somehow) got 53, but that wasn’t the most important thing that happened in the game…

I dropped a catch. An easy one. A very easy one. One of the easiest catches ever.

But anyway, after Louis was retired, I came in and hit 2 great shots against a 10-year-old. Then in the next over there was a leg bye which should have gone for two, that would have put me on strike, but Rahul said no. After running 2 steps down the pitch for the second, then going back, I nearly got run out, but still insisted there should have been 2 runs. Then Rahul hit a shot that actually deserved 2 (no prizes for guessing who actually wrote this match report), and of course, he could be bothered to run when it was him getting the runs. He then smashed a massive six over cow corner to win the game, leaving him on 21 not out, and me on 10 not out, winning the match with 10 overs to spare. But that wasn’t the most interesting thing that happened that game. That was my dropped catch.

Match Report by Henry Hamilton's Ghost Writer


Junior Results


Fantasy Cricket

Welcome to the 2024 edition of OD CUACO CC Fantasy Cricket! 

Here you are able to make the decisions and choices that you want to make. Who are your big hitters going to be? Who are you going to trust to be your team's captain? Will you make the correct choice when selecting your all important all rounder? The answers will soon be clear in the coming weeks.

Every single adult match played on a Saturday will count towards the points tally so use your talent spotting to select their best possible 11 from a budget of £55 million.

Cost of entry per team is just £6, payment must be made via this website when you set your team up. You can enter as many sides as you like. There will be prize money available (details TBC). 

Good luck and thanks for playing!


Communications - OD CUACO WhatsApp Announcements Group

Join our ODs WhatsApp Announcements group! By scanning the below from a mobile phone / tablet etc. you will be asking to join our newly formed members information group. The administrators of the group will provide amongst club updates, news of social/ cricket events, and any quick one line information bulletins considered useful to members. This will be an information only group and will not be a chat. Newsletters with more in-depth information will continue to be sent.


200 Club

The 200 club is a monthly raffle that occurs throughout the season giving members the opportunity to win up to £200. Entry is just £20 per ticket for the year.

Its not long until the first draw for the season, so if you would like to join, details can be found here along with the payment link.


Ball and Match Sponsorship

We are still looking for ball and match sponsorships for our games this year. These come at just at £25. This is a very important way for us to raise funds for various projects at the club, not covered in our normal budget. The link for this is below.


Training times

The following times are designated for club training sessions. Nets will be available to use for club members outside of these times, and if there is no game on the main square.




Senior Nets


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Additional 1st XI nets


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Under 11 and below


10:00 am - 11:15 am

Under 12s - U13s


11:15 am - 12:30 pm


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