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Newsletter #9

OD CUACO CC had mixed results across their teams in recent matches. The 1st team faced a defeat against Dartford CC, falling short of their revised DLS target by 62 runs. The 2nd team, had an incomplete game due to rain, and nonsense rules that meant points were shared despite a dominant performance. Elsewhere, the 3rd team suffered a heavy loss to Bromley CC, losing by 108 runs despite a great knock from Ewan "the Maverick" Laycock. The 4th team also faced a defeat, with Bexley Park CC winning by 9 wickets.

In Sunday's matches, ODs defeated a Brian Lara Cricket like named Surrey Ovalites with a great 50* from Olly Colby. Special mention must also go to Richard "Hammy" Hamilton for his tremendous opening spell after volunteering to fill the 11th spot at short notice.

In the colts section, our U15 'B' team had a 1 wicket win against Old Wilsonians, while the U13s narrowly lost to Hayes.

Finally, OD CUACO's U11 team emerged victorious, defeating Bromley Common CC by 14 runs.

The 2s crowd the bat in search of wickets



Match Reports:

1st XI v Dartford

Needing a win, the toss was lost and we were sent into the field. Moisture level 2000 and the boys were told to jump into to Changing room 4 for some 1 hand 1 bounce, some DJ Simmsy, so the umpires could work out how to engineer Duckworth Lewis. What this meant no man without a PHD in high grade maths and diploma in blagmanship would have any idea what we would be chasing.

We came back out, the deck surprisingly dry and the clouds as grey as the 50 shades prequel; 25 shades of grey, we got to it. Debutant Kai Bennet bowling tight lines, Jamie B bowling good zip and taking 2 scalps, Nick “let’s make ODs great again” a solid 7 overs, Ollie Juice luring the oppo in with his first over and then being a solid left arm veteran, a captain Wandy Ainger hat-trick, DJ Simms turning not only the decks- we got them all out for 182. For some reason (I can only assume Duckworth Lewis is based on the PH of the pitch, when multiplied by the pint cost at the bar, subtract this by the number of bails Jamie has broken this season, divided by the song length Bonfire Heart and then multiply this by Pie) that we would in fact be chasing 199 in our 35 overs.

We got off to a good start, with Koot “catch of the match” Pienaaaaaar and Nick Worsley opening up. However wickets fell at 20-1. In came Andy, newly promoted to 3, who looked scratchy after a schnick 1st ball that was dropped by 1st, 2nd and 3rd slip - but accumulated 24. Jamie looked solid at 4, and unfortunately was bowled for his 8 runs. Juice looked sensational with a simply lovely, plenty in the tank lad cover drive for his 5. Cam looked languid, and notched up 20 in 26 balls with those long old arms. Mike, came in and did the decent thing of taking middle for Simmsy who was next in who looked superb for his 37 in 34- cracking playlist as well - yes he does do weddings. Henry; using India opener Jaiswal’s bat fell for only 169 less runs than it’s previous owners most recent innings, leaving Boyden and KB to try and chase the score down. Unfortunately we fell short by 63 runs. I’m still crunching the numbers as I’m fairly sure based on Parrworth Lewis we actually won If you do the proper maths after the deluge.

Onto next week.

Match report by Mike Parr


2nd XI v Bexley

After a good first half of the season the 2s wanted to get back to winning ways after defeat to top of the league

Richard and Laurence opened up against Bexely and were batting well before rain struck to bring them off the pitch at around 50-0 off 11. Play was resumed but more rain meant we had to come off again. There were 2 approaches to this rain delay, the first was to have a cup of tea which was favoured by the older members of the squad. The second was a game of one hand one bounce which saw will east wear one right to the nuts. Once the rain had stopped Richard fell awkwardly trying to turn on a wet patch and had to be retried hurt, hope you’re ok dad. The middle order all fell fairly cheaply, though they all batted around Laurence who carried his bat for 66. He was supported well by Kieran (17) and Will (31) who struck the ball well and complimented Laurence’s anchor role. We finished on 191 all out which was a good score on a pitch that offered some turn and a very slow outfield.

After a very good tea we went out to bowl. As we started with 45 overs we couldn’t reduce the overs so this game turned into a timed game with all 4 results possible. We had an hour to bowl and then 20 overs after that hour. Baylis (9-1-31-3) and Kieran (6-1-20-0) took the new ball and bowled exceptionally. In a very un gaz ball fashion there were 2 slips and a gully to the quicks! And there was more to come. After the quicks had charged in Liam Pooley (6-0-21-1) showed them how a spinner does it bowling 3 filthy drag downs, each getting worse than the one before. Fortunately the third was hit to Isaac at mid on who took a sharp catch. The other spinners bowled well with Will, Ash and Isaac picking up a wicket a piece including two sharp catcher, will off his own bowling and a hobbling Richard at slip. At this point the we were hunting for wickets which brought short leg in for the second week in a row in the 2s. After an excellent couple overs from Baylis and men around the bat for the spinners, Bexley finished 7 down and it finished a draw though we managed to get 12 points through batting and bowling points. Roll on next week and hopefully a third week in a row with a short leg.

Match report by Isaac Loader


3rd XI v Bromley

The 3’s returned for a home fixture at Hartley this week as they looked to replicate an impressive victory at the same ground last weekend. The pre-match Whatsapp chat was lively with Billy Ansars’ offer of a net being rejected in favour of trading jovial insults at each other's cricketing abilities.

With a green top, overcast conditions and a strong chance of rain, Bromley CCs’ skipper won the toss and strangely chose to bat, to the dismay of the OD’s bowling lineup, having only arrived at the ground 15 mins prior to kick-off.

Ewan Laycock (5-0-31-1) opened the bowling down the hill, with Howard Thomas (5-1-26-0) sharing responsibilities up the hill. The bowlers struggled to find their lengths early on as Bromley CCs openers started strong, putting away anything short and rotating the strike regularly. Though the early aggression proved to backfire as Ewan picked up the first wicket when ‘R. Dummer’ (8) skied one into Bilal C’s hands, that would prove to be the last bit of success the OD’s bowlers had for quite a while as both the remaining opener and new bat coming in at no. 3 set up camp for a long stay in the middle.

The first bowling change saw last week's 5-wicket hero Sherry (8-1-43-0) come on down the hill with the protection of the long straight boundary and Simon Henley (8-1-32-1) from the bottom end. Simon's consistent line and full length eventually got the breakthrough as he trapped the opening bat ‘C. Biscuitwala’ lbw for 46 via a questionable umpiring decision as the batsmen pointed to his inside edge and stopped just short of asking the third umpire for a review. The ODs fielders further rubbing salt into his fresh wounds as they sheepishly muttered “Unlucky mate, big edge” as he trundled off the field.

The umpire reading the room and desperately wanting validation for his decision had in the meanwhile walked up to Rousey to ask whether he thought it was out too, despite an earlier vigorous appeal Rousey claimed to not be in the best position to see, however, D. Steele without hesitation, in fear of later retribution and upsetting the umpires feelings shook his hand and told him “great decision mate, spot on!”

The middle overs ultimately proved largely fruitless as the opposition kept the scoreboard ticking with well-placed shots to consistently rotate the strike and put away anything loose. With the immovable No. 3 now looking like prime Dom Sibley as he notched up 29 runs from 74 balls which included just two fours and his skipper at the other end showing us why he’s spent the majority of the season in Bromleys 2’s, with the total sitting at 170/2 at the 25 over mark a score of 250+ looked inevitable.

Skipper C. Westmacott however had one last trick and bowling change up his sleeve as he brought on D. Steele (7-0-43-1) and B. Ansar (7-1-34-3), the change bought the most successful and eventful phase of the OD’s bowling innings as both Steele and Ansar dried up the runs and choked the batting side. Billy broke the partnership by removing ‘A. Duggan’ aka Dom Sibely via a ball that nipped back in to take the middle stump. Steele removed skipper ‘J. Bilsby’ (80) in the very next over via a fine Ben Westmacott catch.

All of a sudden the complexion of the innings had changed and OD’s seemed to be on top, D. Steele quickly removed ‘Rakshamuthu’ for a 5-ball duck and Billy cleaned up ‘Kenny’ for 10. The Steele-Ansar Bowling partnership saw the OD’s bowling innings through to the close, with Billy picking up a further wicket as Bromley CC looked to rack up as many runs as possible.

A solid fielding performance from OD’s in the final 15 overs with Abishek taking a good catch at short fine leg leaving himself so surprised he held the pose for long enough to look like a commemorative statue outside any of the world's great cricket grounds, and there was still enough time for Bilal C to try and kung fu kick a ball skied in his direction rather than taking a regulation catch at deep square leg ensuring a trademark fielding highlight of the week. A strong finish for OD’s saw Bromley finish on 216/7, a score they would have been disappointed with given their commanding position earlier in the game.

After a lengthy explanation from Bilal C as to why he prefers wearing spikeless bright blue hockey trainers as opposed to traditional cricket spikes, Abishek and Sherry shook hands and set out to chase down the imposing Bromley CC total to bring home the win. As it turns out the handshake was to confirm they wouldn't outscore each other as both openers scored 7 runs each and swiftly returned to hear the end of Bilals’ Hockey trainer theory. Skipper C Westmacott (1) having promoted himself to number 3 after weeks lower down the order quickly returned to tag Bilal C in to bat so he could give a live demonstration of the blue hockey trainers.

Bilal C (21) joined Ewan (48) at the crease for the biggest partnership of the OD’s batting innings, though after smashing a trademark legside 6 into the trees his stay was cut short as he knicked behind to give Bromleys’ keeper ‘C. Biscuitwala’ his second of six catches behind the stumps.

Ewan provided solitary resistance as he was briefly joined by most of the OD’s lower order for long enough to shake his hand and tell him he was batting well then kindly giving the next batsmen in the opportunity to do the same.

The last wicket fell as Howard Thomas decided to leave a straight ball that thumped him in the pads which we were told by the umpire was hitting the middle of middle stump, Howard was livid as he felt it was going down leg, though not as livid as everyone who had selected Howard in their fantasy team as he finished on minus seven points. A tragic end to the OD’s innings as Ewan was left stranded 2 runs short of a well-deserved 50.

Match report by Billy Ansar


4th XI v Bexley Park

""Nothing much to report"


Sunday Friendly XI v Surrey Ovalites

Match report by ?


U15b v Old Wilsonians